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Handmade Table Ornaments That Make Ordinary Styling Unusually Extraordinary

Designing your space is about two things, giving your guests a unique first impression and satisfying your inner creative sense or spirit. However, finding stunning pieces that make indelible table ornaments is not easy. Well, if you are here, you are in luck and it’s thanks to Amanda Andrich and her creative gifts site, Amandarin Designs.

Here are 10 handmade table ornaments that make ordinary styling unusually extraordinary.

Do you love to host gatherings, get-togethers, or friends' meet-up? This is for you. This elegant 2-tier multi-color glass design is the perfect addition to make your guests go wild in amazement. Although leaded, you can line the surface with transparent film to display your baking skills and prowess.

But that's not all; this two-layer circular piece has a 32cm round base and a 21cm top with a holder. It's 26cm height gives your guests a panoramic view of the pattern of the glass pieces. It is also removable to enable you to use only one of either tier as the focal point of your table design.

Everybody loves cheese or a cheese platter, but even better is the board the arrangement is on. While your guests chatter over your unique cheese selection, give them something else to talk about.

So before your hosting date, why not settle for a whimsical, handcrafted glass and resin board. Although all materials used are natural, they are not edible. If you are using this piece as a cheese platter, wrap it tightly in cling film. This is an 18cm square board and 1cm thick.

If you like to stick to the traditional way, do it classier with this stunning round glass and resin cheeseboard. This beautiful cheese board doubles as a serving platform. Add some drinking glasses with ice-cold juice on a hot summer day and watch as your family sticks around the table.

It is 100 percent handmade, mixed with opaque and transparent glass neatly stuck together by resin. This creates a marbling effect and is the perfect centrepiece to a dinner table.

Go above and beyond to create the ideal romantic setting with this stunning 2-glass and a wine bottle carrier.

This handcrafted 10cm wide and 25cm long is 1cm thick and will conveniently carrier your favourite wine bottle with two glasses. Whether used indoors or outdoors, it without doubt makes a great focal point.

If you are in wines or host event gatherings, give partygoers something to talk about on Instagram by dressing up the tables with this eccentric piece. After all, some bottles are better out of the box.

Fall in love with this beautiful animal-inspired cheese board to make other tables green with envy. Perfect as a table ornament or reserved for special occasions, you will get the same reaction every time from onlookers. Our stylish turtle cheese board is 31cm long, 26cm wide and 1cm thick and sturdy enough to be a carrier too.

As usual, it is a mix of opaque and colourful translucent textured glass with resin to brighten your day or any table.

Ever thought of having a blue whale at the table? You can now with this eclectic, colourful aquamarine blue resin and glass cheese board or placemat.

It is 30cm long, 21cm wide, and 1cm thick board perfect for any occasion. Although it is a cheese board, this unique piece will serve as a regular garden table centrepiece or decorative addition to your space.

If you would opt for something else, check out the heart-shaped cheese board or forest theme version. The measurements differ, so please click the link for more information.

This is one of our most popular table pieces, and our clients love it for various reasons. It is particularly unique and adds some fun and quirkiness to your interior or exterior décor. While this piece cannot be used for food-related purposes, it does make a modern addition to your table.

At 9cm high and 17cm wide, this play on colour, texture, and technique is 100 percent handmade and striking. The base is so elegant. You decide what happy emotion it evokes.

Turn your bedroom into a wonderland with this startling and truly unique lamp. Now you can wake up peaceful with the blinding white light jolting you to reality. The globe leadlight is more than a lamp; it is a piece of art and talent.

The globe, measuring 43cm by circumference, consists of opaque and translucent clear and textured glass patterns to create a gorgeous dance illusion of light. It is seated on a wooden panel to complete the natural look.

Eliminate the impact of electromagnetic waves and negative energy from your home. The Orgonite is a healing element that every home should have. It is made out of resin and other materials like metal shavings to improve our wellbeing. The Orgonite is used for several purposes. Check out our page for more information.

Wouldn’t it be calming knowing that an angel is watching over your home at all times?

Our angel tea light is petite, cute, and unique. In fact, you ca n stare at it for hours as the light gracefully permeates from their bodies. This is a classic piece and one every home should own.

Finding the ideal centrepieces for your table should not take the whole day. Choose eye-catching colours, designs, and constructions that are out of the box. The uniqueness of these items might be overwhelming, but take a second to review them. They are the best decorative pieces to make any home extraordinary.

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Very unique - love these all!!!

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