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Artistic Leadlighting Creations. Find Your Next Masterpiece, Uniquely Created by Amandarin Designs

Stained glass or leadlight panels have been dazzling art pieces from time immemorial. While this artistic mastery graced the windows and doorways of religious houses and the elites, it was not the simplest piece of artwork to bring to life.

When humans started interacting with glass is not known. However, one thing is sure; they have created a marvel out of glass and fire that has stood the test of time. Leadlight panels are unlike stained glass. Stained glasses are painted glass panels cooked in a kiln, enabling the paint to fuse into the glass.

That sounds easy but it is not!

Moving ahead, leadlight, on the other hand, was different. Colored windows framed with metal wires are still seen in cathedrals around the world. This form of art was also common in Roman times and later moved into Europe, where Leadlighting become a type of art mastered by only a few.

Today, leadlighting is a passion that is desired by many but known by few. Leadlighting is a tedious process, but if you love glass and art, this is for you.

What is leadlighting?

This is the process of soldering pieces of colored glass in a beautiful pattern using lead. A leadlighter is an artist who works with glass to create beautiful leaded designs that are used as window shades, lampshades, cabinets, doors, and decorative pieces in churches. Today leadlighting works are found as fashion pieces and in many situations.

How difficult is leadlighting?

If you have never done leadlight art before, the process is tedious, long, and just too plenty. However, if you love leadlight, it is fun and allows you to showcase your inner artistic self. Leadlighting is a meticulous process; you need a good eye and steady hand for cutting and soldering.

While smaller pieces are a thrill to complete, bigger artworks can take a long time to complete and only passion and drive and artistic flair will get you there!

Now that you have an idea of leadlighting, the following are examples of this elegant artwork and timeless pieces created by Amanda Andrich, Australia's passionate artist.

It’s a bowl, or so you thought. This colored glass forms an electric decorative centerpiece for a home, office, or during a staging. The bowl is a mix of transparent and opaque glass pieces to allow a beautiful play of light.

Place the bowl by the window and allow the rays to create a dance of colors in your home.

The Eclectic glass leadlight bowl is 10cm high by 19cm wide with a water droplet illusion base to accentuate the finesse. Each piece has been carefully leaded to produce this lightweight but durable piece.

If you have a passion for recycling, animals, and rustic designs, we have got you covered in this unique piece. This decorative leadlight artwork shows a parrot seated on a rusted horseshoe held with a silver chain. While this piece makes a great addition to any room, it adds an artistic look to the front of the house.

Whether you want to add color to a dull day, create aesthetically pleasing spaces, or balance the Zen of your home, this is the piece for you. This colorful leaded piece consists of three 1cm thick discs of measurement 13cm by 10cm of mixed colored glasses 57cm long. We have made it better too. It is mobile, so you can take it anywhere you want to catch the light and warm up a gloomy day. This spinning suncatcher is 100% handmade and the right addition to make every day worthy.

Christmas came early with this piece. It looks so good that your neighbor might have it for themselves. Step away from the usual wreath and get a shiny leadlight wreath that will last for generations. At 50cm long, this handmade leaded wreath will capture the ooos and aaas as guests walk in through the front door. It is lightweight and can quickly become a decorative piece to your front door after the holidays.

Add some love to your home with this simple yet expressive piece of how you feel. It is a beautiful leaded stained glass of a flower and leaves in a heart. This adorable piece is 18cm wide, 16 cm wide, and 30cm in length, chain inclusive. It is sturdy, easy to move around, and works in every room. Place it before a window or on a lamp to create unusual light art in your room, especially at night.

Add something different to your Christmas tree this season with this incredible handmade ornament. The hanging angel piece will capture light at the right angle creating the feeling of God present in your room. The hanging angel is 11cm high by 7cm from wing to wing. Hey, it can be used as a decorative piece after the holidays too. It is always a great feeling knowing an angel is watching over you. Check out another angel design here.

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WOW! Your work is amazing and I will be definitely shopping here for Christmas and gift-giving (as well as for myself!!!) 😁

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