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100% Unique. 100% Handmade. Discover Resin & Glass Art Pieces by Australian Artist, Amanda Andrich

Resin art, having been around for more than a century and grew in popularity over the past few years due to social media’s influence. Resin artists were able to showcase their art on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok – raising its popularity amongst global communities.

Resin art is very appealing both to the buyer and the artist. As a buyer, Resin allows for beautifully crafted art that enchants with their clarity, luminosity, brilliance, and depth, whilst as an artist you don't need any drawing or painting ability to create it.

Resin consists of a two-part component, liquid Resin and a hardener. When the Resin and hardener are mixed, it gives the art a beautiful glossy look and produces a durable work.

There are four types of Resin that is used to create art: epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, and polyester "fiber glass" Resin. Each one works best for a specific type of medium, however epoxy Resin is the best option especially when you are creating molds. Resin is suitable for fluid art as well as definitive structural pieces.

A Resin artist mixes the Resin with regular paint to create a beautiful piece of chaotic but also synchronized array of colours and textures.

It is said that a Resin artist true skill lies in how they choreograph the Resin to form something beautiful. This skill clearly lies with Amanda Andrich, Australia's passionate artist as she has been able to create beautiful, attractive, and most importantly unique pieces.

This wine Carrier revolutionizes the way wine is displayed. Its vibrant colours look great at any time of the day. It is great as a household item or even a gift and you don't need to be worried about your wine, or glasses falling off, because this piece was made with a mixture of glass and Resin which makes it very sturdy. It is 25 cm long, 10 cm wide and 1 cm thick and can be used for any occasion to decorate a table. This piece will definitely brighten any environment.

This piece of art is made up of beautiful colours that brighten up any room it is placed in. It is sturdy and can be used to decorate a table or a wall in any room in the house. This place mat or cheese Board comes in different unique shapes and sizes.

Round Design

This speaks simplicity is a great piece for you if you want something simple yet outstanding.

Animal Design:

This design is a great fit for you if you're an animal lover. It is also beautiful for designing kids rooms

This art offers a great way to brighten up and add colour to your living space. This spinning sun catcher is 100% hand made and can be used on a wall or a window.

It comes in different shapes and sizes which gives you a variety of options to choose from. A beautiful feature about this sun catcher is that it is mobile so can be placed in any location at any time.

Round Shape: This is a simple yet beautiful design of the spinning sun catchers and it has different sizes

This is a beautiful piece especially if you're a romantic person or you want to spice up your space with an atmosphere of love. This piece is 30cm long with the disk size of 16 cm by 13 cm and thickness of 1 cm.

Placing any of the above pieces in your home would add an air of originality and beauty that would be the envy of all. Amanda Andrich, artist, and creator, through her designs and skills has been able to capture the very essence of style, colour and statement when it comes to home décor.

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Really beautiful pieces of art 😍 would love to order some of these for my home - they look gorgeous. Perhaps my Christmas gifting is sorted for this year!

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